10 Mind Control Tricks to Speed ​​Up the Brain

10 Mind Control Tricks to Speed ​​Up the Brain

To live more and better, to learn how and when to relax, to say goodbye to stress, to have a better mood, to solve problems better (and better), to be more intuitive … Actually, everything depends on how awake your brain is and how much you know how to do it function.

And although it is true that it has no instruction manual, it does have shortcuts, tricks and techniques so that you learn to wake up everything that by default stays asleep.

Because everything depends on him, and how agile and trained he is. And that is precisely what we propose today Method: 10 tricks so that you learn to accelerate, stimulate and train your brain to make the most of its potential.

Advantages of training and stimulating the brain

Did you know that when your brain is fully awake your life becomes much more interesting?

That’s because if you wake up the sleeping areas of your brain, you start to take advantage of the full potential that we all have. What happens is that we do not exercise it enough.

And you should know that when you learn to make the most of the power of your mind, you not only live more and better, but every area of ​​your life is strengthened, with all that entails: greater well-being, better health, and increased happiness. Among many other things).

Imagine that you are suddenly able to solve your problems more effectively and creatively, that you make much better decisions (and much faster), that you anticipate the future and that you understand much better how the world works.

Imagine that you can relax how and when you want, that you can achieve your goals automatically, that you have the opportunity to create habits that allow you to feel better and have greater results in each one of the areas of your life, that your relationships are incredibly good and That you generate ideas from nothing.

Imagine that you can program your brain to address situations that will increase your success, that you become a much more creative and intuitive person, that increase your energy levels, delay your aging and improve your health.

All that is only a small part of all that you can achieve when your brain comes out of the mental stagnation to which we have it submitted and you begin to take actions to improve your life. And that’s what we want to talk to you about.

Meditation, the key to developing your brain

As you see exercising the brain is full of benefits, but you’re wondering: how do I do?

The truth is that there are different techniques and tools that help to develop the brain but undoubtedly one of the most effective is meditation, which among its more than 100 benefits has the ability to develop and activate the brain.

With just a few “tweaks” to your day to day you will be helping your brain to develop, you will be exercising and you will be helping to wake the sleeping areas.

How to do it? With these 10 tricks or tips you will see below.

Ideally, you combine them with meditation, but the truth is that incorporating them into your day to day you will notice great changes and hardly have dedicated much effort.

1. Use your other hand

Spend the day doing things with your non-dominant hand.

If you are left-handed, open the doors with your right hand. If you are right-handed, try to use the keys with your left hand.

That simple task will make your brain establish some new connections and have to rethink how to do daily tasks.

Put the clock in the opposite hand so that you remember the challenge of the change of hand in the tasks.

2. Mental games

Mental games are an incredible way to excite and challenge the brain.

Sudokus, crosswords or other mental games are ideal for improving brain agility and memory. Ah! And it is more beneficial to practice it 15 minutes each day than to do it for hours.

3. Feed the brain

Your brain needs you to eat healthy fats.

Focus on fish fats like wild salmon, nuts like nines and oils like flax or olive.

Eat this kind of food and reduce saturated fats, and completely eliminate trans fats from your diet.

4. Acquire a new skill

Learning a new skill puts work in multiple brain areas.

Your memory will come into play, you will learn new movements and you will associate things in a different way.

For example, try reading Shakespeare, learn to cook or build a plane with chopsticks … everything serves to challenge the brain and give you new things to think about.

5. Go through different sites

By car or on foot, look for new routes to get to the same place wherever you go.

This little change in routine helps the brain to practice with spatial memory and directions.

Try changing curbs and alter the order in which you visit your favorite stores to change the routine.

6. Break routines

The more we become accustomed to one task, the more it becomes an ingrained nature and the less our brain works to do it.

To avoid this try to change the order of your routine, or incorporate new habits that make each day different from the previous one.

7. Read different books

Take a book that is different from everything you know so far.

For example, read a novel from ancient Egypt, learn some economics or read some non-fiction book with which you will also learn many new things.

8. Choose a new hobby

Find something that captivates you, that you can easily do at home and not cost too much money.

For example, take pictures with a digital camera, learn how to draw or play an instrument, practice new cooking styles or write.

9. Learn Phone Numbers

We all have agendas in which to write down the important numbers, and no one is already struggling to learn and memorize them.

Doing so is a great way to exercise your brain.

10. Make lists

The lists are wonderful and, among other things, help to associate some data with others.

Try to make lists: the places you’ve visited, the best gifts you’ve received, the most delicious meals you’ve tasted and even the shopping cart or the day’s plans.

Try to make a daily list and you will notice its benefits.


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