10 Secrets of happy couples

Happy couples also have difficulty, however, they have the resources to resolve differences. In the universe of couples, not everything is rosy. Many love living with a chronic dissatisfaction with a relationship that does not meet their expectations. What are the secrets of happy couples?

1. They seek positive solutions for both. For example, in negotiating agreements couple seeking the combination “win-win I” are agreed.

2. Happy couples have a realistic view of love. They are aware that there are many doses coexistence routine and love with the maturity to know that the feeling is not a constant emotion.

3. Share at least one common hobby, an activity with which both enjoy during their free time

4. Freedom is the backbone of people living completely happy being a couple. This freedom is the premise of individual development shared.

5. Have faith in your life partner. They love their partner not only for who he is today, but also for who can become.

6. They know that love is more important than pride. Happy couples do not spend much time spaced after an argument because they know that the longer it takes to take the step of reconciliation, the greater the weight of anger.

7. Happy couples also seek friendship. Because this feeling brings a special complicity.

8. They walk together hand in hand down the street, walk feeling the pride of being with loved.

9. look at the eyes while maintaining conversations, rarely are interrupted by mobile phone. Have empathy, they have learned to listen to address the point of view of the other.

10. They are patient because love has taught that the pace of life does not always mark the same beat as the illusions.


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