10 things women want men to know

That itself is not, and that is no, yes, they are things which men have to adapt when we talked with women, and they become more use in a context of partner.

Many of them would love it if we could read their minds, to decipher what they really think. While that certainly men believe what they wish, but we can not read their minds, we can tell them that if they could read our minds, would not learn of many things they already know.

The most relevant 10 things below to take note mates!

1. Do not try to impress

Well, this may sound confusing but it is not so when we explain. It’s okay to try to impress them, but the problem is that many of the things that many men believe they can impress only impress your friends. As fighting, drinking, or driving a rude vocabulary as being the bad guy in a movie.

That will only make the woman look like a slob and immature, which is not worth keeping a relationship beyond friendship (if that).

2. They do not pluck your legs every day

Our society has accustomed us to see women with shaved legs. We do not know where you were born this but it is something that comes from generations; We have been brought up well, both men and women, so we find it natural. But it’s not like that.

To them, as to us-they grow their hair, but do not feel the urgent need to shave every day of his life, that if they did indeed spend more than 72 days of his life.

The point is, do not demand that it is always the shaved leg. Women do sometimes they find valid.

3. Respect

When one is small, usually he treated children as equals, with jokes and teasing. But the great thing happens and demand respect. Never not to think that they are a delicate crystal, but never abuse what a joke can be done with it.

Ultimately they asked to treat them as you would treat your younger sister. This means paying attention to how they treating women as some of your attitudes may be somewhat offensive to them. Both friends as a couple.

4. A majority of women do not care about money

A lot of men round the idea that women are interested in men with money … lots of money. But the reality is another, and let’s be frank. Such women exist, but they are not the majority.

As happens to us, we not only stayed with the outside, women also make full balance not depend on how much you have in your wallet, but how to treat her. In this sense, if you have money and walk splurging on it, never mention it, because printing is contrary.

Now if you’re tight with it, in that you do not buy absolutely nothing, that’s another thing. Secure the woman will leave, and not because you spent on it, but by the implicit message telling you that she was worthless.

5. Call it like it is: girlfriend / girlfriend / partner

Take the following scenario: You know her, you start dating her, one, two, three, four weeks, go home, they will eat, and so on. One day she goes with her friends and introduce you says: Hi, this is my friend Pepito.

Pepito will obviously hurt. As would also be a woman who was out walking and then it is treated as a simple friend.

If you’re doing it with a woman, it is best to talk to her and be honest: you’re not ready for a relationship, and then agree on what to do, sure to depend a lot on it.

6. No secrets

The secrets or things that you try to hide your partner, are beginning to distrust and thereby to secure the relationship. Be honest with her, for surely if you’re seeing someone in secret even friend about school-, she’ll think of something strange happens immediately.

A relationship is based on trust, not omissions.

7. He’ll always attentive to your messages

It is rare, messages are nothing. This is, in real life do not weigh, do not smell, do not get fat, but still have incredible power. The best example is when she writes you something and you do not answer him. Inevitably she will begin to be worried about something.

The cell phone review it every hour, and if they see a response to the greeting / comment / emoji, will suffer. So do not be mean and say something. Thank you.

8. They are insecure by nature

Women tend to be insecure by nature. Not all clearly, but overall it is. And it happens because you are bombarded perfect women, who probably think they can not compete or compare.

So if we see some friends, it is normal to feel some jealousy. They never will tell you to avoid the rest of the world women in your life, but will inevitably feel that doubt. Something that men have to be aware.

9. Tell her I love you with all the words you have

Sometimes it happens that your partner tells you that he loves you, and it is common that you say back, “me too”. Same with “I love you”. Well, that is not a matter that pleases much to women, even if it is said by most messages, with a “=”.

What they ask is that if you really want, I say with all possible words, without skimping keys. Do not use only one <3, use: * culture and society and all possible terms.

So they like and so we like =)

10. Kiss her if angry

This is something strange, but if a group of women considered as a fact that men need to know, I’ll say.

When they start an argument or fight, the best way to correct it is to give all possible attention. And when you notice it’s your turn to speak, speak, you accept the error and give her a kiss. If you ignore it, still giving attention and retried.

What she wants is that lean on their emotional state, no matter the side you’re history.


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