15 things you should eliminate from your life to be happy

Happy Life

1. Forget the need to always be right

Many of us do not tolerate the idea of being wrong, and we always right regardless of whether risking relationships or cause harm to our loved ones.

When you feel the need to fight someone on who is right, ask yourself if you’d rather be right or be a good person.

2. Forget the need for control

Try to repress the dire need to control what happens to you and around you, as situations, events, people, etc.

Let there be people as it wants to be, things flow and see how you feel much better.

3. Forget the need to blame others

Blaming others for what you have or do not have, or what you feel or do not feel too bad.

Stop giving power to people about you and are responsible for your life.

4. Forget the need to attack yourself

That voice criticism is fine, as long as it does not hurt your security with negative comments and contaminated.

If so, do not believe in anything that tells you your mind. You’re much better than that.

5. Forget your limiting beliefs

Forget those beliefs about what you can and can not do, about what is possible and impossible for you.

From now on, you have no limits you stagnate.

6. Forget the need to complain

Enough of these constant complaints that you have about everything bad that happens to you in life and makes you unhappy.

If you do not like something, correct it!

7. Forget the luxury of criticizing others

Criticizing people who are different from you is a vile and pointless action. From the point of view that we want to see, we are all equal and different at the same time.

However, we all want to be happy, loved and understood.

8. Forget the need to impress others

Stop trying to be someone you are not just to make others you want.

Life does not work that way, and as stop doing this, you can love yourself as you are and be truly happy.

9. Forget the resistance to change

Change is good. The change will be able to make improvements in your life. Do not resist it and let go.

10. Forget the labels

Stop labelling things, people, events do not understand because it is rare or different from what you’re used to.

Open your mind and not be so closed.

11. Forget your fears

Fear is just an illusion. Everything is in your mind and what you have created.

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

12. Forget the excuses

Often we limit ourselves to ourselves for so many excuses we use.

Instead of growing and working to improve ourselves our lives, we get stuck lying to us with empty excuses. You do not need.

13. Forget the past

It is difficult, especially when the past seems much better than the present and the future, but you have to bear in mind that this is all that you have and you have to concentrate on that any more.

Enjoy life, because after all it is the journey, not the destination.

14. Forget dependence

Dependence is very difficult to control, but it is not impossible to achieve.

After a time and practice you will be independent of any possession and anyone.

15. Forget the expectations of others live

Many people live life that has been planned by others and not for themselves.

We know that parents always want the best for us, but many times, like any human being, you are wrong.

It’s your life and only you can decide what is best for you 🙂


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