6 Keys to avoid gaining weight over the years

The years are not solely responsible for weight we gain. The truth is that what most makes us fat, as we age, has to do with the change in the habits of  lifetime. We bring you some tips to add to your routine and reach the third age healthy and active.

1. Strawberries, apples and onions. Studies have found that an increase in flavonoid intake is associated with weight maintenance and even a modest weight loss.

Most association with weight loss has encountered: Cranberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Grapes, Forest Fruits Tea, Apples, Onions, Leeks Broccoli. Simply add a piece of fruit brought to your daily diet to cause a major impact on health.

2. Keep your body active. You must not forget that your metabolism slows with age, with the consequence that will accumulate kilos. To avoid this it is important to keep it active. The best way is doing a physical, moderate but steady activity.

In addition, exercise will help you stay stronger and younger have muscles and joints, thus stopping the effect of time.

Pay attention! Recent studies have shown that 10-minute sessions, held three times a day, are as effective as 30 minutes of physical activity. So well worth the small effort: take the stairs and not the elevator, park your car a little further from the office or a 10 minute walk also have beneficial effects.

3. Keep your mind active. The passage of time and memory loss often go hand in hand. Daily activities such as reading, games like crossword puzzles, chess or Sudoku or even online games represent a stimulus for different areas of the brain and speed memory and concentration.

Have habits that encourage awake and active mind, will help prevent stress and depression, maintaining a good quality of life.

4. Say no to diets. Many low-calorie diets may actually decrease the rate of metabolism permanently. The private calories, body tries to conserve energy consuming even less calories. If these strict diets frequently repeated, this can result in permanent low metabolic rate.

Please note that the diets of less than 1,200 calories can cause loss of non-fat tissues, such as muscle tissue. Since muscle mass consumes more calories, losing muscle will be more difficult to maintain weight.

5. Control your health regularly. Aging brings with conditions such as hypertension and osteoporosis, which can limit the time for physical activity.

Adequate control of health will allow you to enjoy the day with more energy, generating a positive vicious circle: health control and the possibility of exercising, which in turn is a benefit to feel healthy.

6. Start sooner. Do not expect to see the kilos accumulate to try to lower them. Just as brushing your teeth, you should include healthy habits as soon as possible in your day to day, to avoid so you weigh the years.


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