happy couples

10 Secrets of happy couples

Happy couples also have difficulty, however, they have the resources to resolve differences. In the universe of couples, not everything is rosy. Many love living with a chronic dissatisfaction with a relationship that does not…

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women want men to know

10 things women want men to know

That itself is not, and that is no, yes, they are things which men have to adapt when we talked with women, and they become more use in a context of partner. Many of them…

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5 Steps to learn to forgive and continue with your life

Forgiving is not a simple matter. When you begin to leave behind what hurt you, then you will begin to heal. You will be happy not to carry in your soul wounds or the imprint…

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Tips If You love someone with Anxiety

Anxiety is hard, not only for people who have it, but also for all who want them. It is emotionally acute at both ends, sometimes demanding physically and mentally demanding most of the time. now…

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How to emotional first aid

How to emotional first aid? Frequent are the situations when people around us are suffering and we know how to react costs to support them. In these cases there are moments of uncertainty, in part…

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