Diabetes: Ways to Lower Blood Sugar



When you got high sugar levels, it is best to drink plenty of water this helps fast enough to lower the sugar is always important to stay hydrated when you’re a diabetic is critical but try not to overuse drinking lots of water because you can fuck the kidneys.



When you’re diabetic place head half an hour or only 20/10 minutes you got to do exercise, this low much sugar the fastest way to lower it is running, jumping rope and doing squats. My advice is that in the morning when you get up walk regular 20/30 blocks so your whole body.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

Some foods such as garlic, onions and apples help to slowly reduce the sugar level is always advisable to add fruits and vegetables at meals.

Of these three I mentioned above, the most practices and worked 100% is drink lots of water and running is incredible how low the sugar in a short time, some much sugar foods and hopefully avoid them.

Foods that raise the blood sugar:
1. sugar (obvious)
2. rice
3. all kinds of flour, using the integral
4. sodas, always take that says zero
5. dressings (mayonnaise, ketchup ect)
6. candy, cookies and other things that obviously contain sugar
7. BANANA, although it is a fruit sugar levels raises not so much but goes to eat in moderation.


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