Follow these tips to sleep well

If during the day you live moments very activity that produces tension and stress, it is likely that during the night can not sleep and therefore adequate rest.

The Sleep Research Institute (IIS) notes that people who fail to reconcile the hours needed to rest often suffer social, occupational or other important areas of life deterioration. They estimate the necessary hours vary from one person to another but may consider the following range: 4 hours for short sleepers until 10 hours for those who like to stick to the sheets.

Specialists around the world and from different disciplines have turned to study phenomena related to sleep, concluding that it is necessary to follow the following tips:

Keep routine fixed schedules. If you want to keep a healthy habit, it is best to keep a sleep cycle weekday, when you work, and even on weekends. This way your biological clock will be configured as the IIS says.

Bring external signals. Wherever you decide to sleep, the ideal is to have a room equipped for this: no noise, no outside light to bother you without abrupt temperatures (hot or cold) that keeps you from falling asleep. NASA astronauts came to this conclusion after experiencing sleep deprivation when they were in space, as quoted by the magazine The Week.

Relax before bedtime. That is the advice given to many specialists, especially right now. Meditate, do yoga, exercise, walk and lie down. If you still do not manage to sleep after half an hour, get up and devote yourself to another activity like reading.

Less coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. Those who experience more sleep disturbances are those with digestive diseases, respiratory and cardiovascular rheumatic and anxious, depressive, sedentary and consume alcohol, snuff and caffeine, as published by the German Hospital. So it’s time to diminish your life if you suffer from insomnia.

Every third Friday of March, the World Sleep Day is celebrated. This 2016, the motto is “Sleep well is an achievable dream” and aims to make people aware of the importance of proper sleep hygiene to preserve the quality and quantity there of also make sleep well disturbances public.


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