How to eat fruit diet – 6 Basic guidelines

From small know that eating fruit is important, we learn from our mothers, school, doctor visits, even on TV tell us so. However not all know what is the correct way to consume the fruit so that their benefits are used by the body. Although this item will focus in order to lose weight, the points will detail are important to maintain good health in general. For starters I point out the most common mistakes we fall when eating fruit, its impact will detail later.

6 Basic guidelines to consume fruit

1. Eat fruit every day Fruits are important antioxidants source of vitamins, minerals and that the body needs to function and maintain healthy cells. When nutrient intake is not enough the body goes into a natural chemical imbalance aging and destroys cells affecting health with symptoms ranging from fatigue, obesity to heart disease or degenerative.

The fruit and all foods antioxidant not only help prevent the oxidation of cells but also have the ability to restore those already damaged by containing large amount of electrons can neutralize free radicals. It is important to vary the type of fruit and not eat every day the same as would be limiting nutrient intake.

2. Eat seasonal fruit Although throughout the year can find almost every kind of fruit is better to consume those at full season as the process of planting, growing and harvesting is more natural, earth has the exact temperature and conditions for the development of the fruit is optimal.

For this reason seasonal fruit retains its properties in perfect condition for longer, their nutrients are of higher quality and are better assimilated by the body thereby increasing their profits.

3. Eat early hours fruit Although fruits provide plenty of nutrients must not forget that they are composed of fructose, this once in the body becomes glucose for energy. But if this energy is not used then transformed into fat and accumulate in the body.

It is best to eat the fruit beginning the day since morning our metabolism works faster so they are digested to more effectively in addition to the Throughout the day we have more opportunity to use that energy if we eat in the afternoon or evening. At the end of the day is best to eat vegetables as a source of nutrients.

4. Do not mix fruits in one portion Too often I meet people who eat breakfast fruit salad and have the idea of eating very healthy, however fruits are divided groups: neutral, sweet, semi-acidic, acidic, can be a mixing pump to the stomach.

Although one can combine 2 or 3 of the same group fruit is a fruit better to consume the morning and a different half of the day. The type of fruit is important can choose fruits that provide greater energy, alkaline fruits, fruit for swollen abdomen, diuretic fruits, etc.

5. Fruit Juices This rule also applies for juices and smoothies, we should not add more than 2 fruits for two reasons: 1) We can overdo the intake of sugar, 2) can cause stomach upset if we make a bad combination. The best thing is to make a single fruit smoothie (milk mixed with a sweet fruit, never with an acid).

For the best juice is combined with vegetables, choosing the right ingredients can make an excellent slimming green juice.

6. eaten before meals How many people use the fruit as dessert ?, by eating well takes advantage minimal if not all of the nutrients. Fruit should always eat on an empty stomach either first thing in the morning, mid-morning or half an hour before lunch. When the fruit enters the empty stomach, digestion process starts almost instantly be ingested so in 15 minutes the body will already assimilated nutrients. Á other digestive enzymes that generates the fruit helps the digestion of food that is taken later. If we eat meat or other food before the fruit is becoming the stomach but will not be digested quickly because the stomach is busy trying to digest a heavier food. The fruit that is not digested quickly ferments in the stomach causing stomach upset and more ponderous, besides losing their property before it is digested digestion. If we optimize our consumption of fruit can help our body to return to a state more healthy and remember that a healthy body is a body without overweight. Remember that small changes make great achievements.


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