How to learn to love without getting hurt

Everyone in their experience has learned and has realized that love is one of the most beautiful feelings we can experience. The problem begins when we confuse it and cling to people knowing that it is not right.

To learn something about love you must keep in mind that first is the love of oneself.

This love is the most important, it will give you the confidence necessary to be you without ties. It is the first step to being able to love someone else.

It is necessary to understand that the other person is not to complement us or to fill some void, but to share, to learn and to increase that happiness. An important aspect here is that you must be very clear about the differences between liking, loving and loving.

Learning to release someone you love is very important, when the person decides to leave, there is nothing more to accept, In time you will realize that if you really love her, as long as she finds her happiness, you will be calm, You have to understand that he crossed your path to leave you some lesson. The right person will arrive.

Knowing to forgive someone is essential, your heart will thank you, you have to be empathetic, you never know when you can go wrong, because between failure and being a bad person there is a big difference, do not forget it.

True forgiveness is created from within Before you forgive others, remember to forgive yourself.

When you are aware of these points you will feel that you have matured and that you have learned very important aspects so as not to continue to harm you for no reason.

Try to love those who deserve it, and those who do not … more will be done later.

The vain hopes that give a half love sometimes seem enough to continue. However, it is important to build a self-esteem before you can have a healthy and lasting relationship.


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