Ranking of the 10 most delicious and healthy food

Overly processed foods do not compare to the taste and preventive and healthy natural food properties, but What foods are most beneficial and what are they? Here we present a ranking of the 10 foods that should not miss in your weekly diet.

The Garlic: This food is an inevitable dressing meals of many, but some do not enjoy its flavour, which is not so good because the properties of these little teeth are many and not just in the food as also occupy much as a home remedy to clean bites, throw tapeworm, cure skin diseases and in some tribes is widely used as a disinfectant and sedative to remove the arrows.


Garlic in the food can prevent tumors, studies in mice demonstrated a garlic diet colon tumors are reduced by 75%, the 70 breast and esophageal% to 100%.

The doctors say also that garlic reduces triglycerides, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, joint pain, diarrhea and risk of blood clotting.

Some popular sectors garlic call “the viagra of the poor” best fame that.


Yogurt: “Healthier than a yogurt” and the saying is right, as well as eliminating bacteria from the intestinal flora, recent studies that cleaning is spoken throughout the body which stimulates the immune system.


A diet based on yogurt protect you from allergies, hay fever, infections, stomach, diarrhea and even the colds,.

If you’re going to make yogurt prefers containing Acidophilus and I will protect from fungal infections and cancer .

Tea: A very few human beings do not like taking a warm cup of tea, it is best to relax, concentrate, talk and spend the cold.

But also the ancient tea has many bendecios in its different and delicious varieties.


Especially green tea, which prevents cancer, ulcers, is antibacterial and even serves to lose weight.

Furthermore, along with the black tea helps the heart, blood pressure and reduces fat around the body especially in the arteries where fat is more dangerous. Although it is said that this is false decalcifies tea, black and green tea helps to improve bone density.

Sweet Potato: These tubers are very healthy as they have many vitamins, beta carotene, antioxidants, high in fiber and minerals.

Sweet Potato

Among its benefits emphasizes prevention of heart attacks, a stroke and cataracts. In addition stabilizes the sugar levels blood and thereby substantially prevents diabetes. It is also good for improving the health of the kidneys. Do not let these sweet potatoes out of your diet.

The Fish: The most recommended swimmers for the table are salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna and herring. Include these white meats and some of your meals will help your heart.


The main reason for eating fish are fatty acids Omega 3 which brings to our body, which help the entire cardiovascular system, prevents cancer, stimulates the brain, mind and may even serve to end a depression.

The Onion: It makes you mourn, but it is very beneficial for your body as it is particularly rich in antioxidants and anticancer.


No matter the color is, if it’s green, white, purple, onion is delicious and adds a unique touch to our meals. As if that were not enough scientists have shown to prevent cancer of the mouth, throat, lung, breast, rectum, ovary, liver and prostate.

Like other vegetables helps the heart, lowers blood pressure, serves as blood thinner and help to breath in asthmatics and people with bronchitis.

Broccoli: Many vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium, make the broccoli is in the top 7 of healthy foods.

This green food has indole-3 a compound that helps stop the multiplication and growth of breast cancer cells and prostate, also helps prevent herpes and ulcers.


The brecoli regulates sugar and insulin in the blood, stimulates the brain, quicker reflexes and increases the ability to think, ideal for scholars salad! Although to get the most out of your minerals and vitamins is best eaten if boiled, something not very appetizing.

Beans: A big bowl of beans have a high content of fiber and protein, is low in fat, cholesterol-free. Delicious, healthy and filling.


All legumes help reduce triglecidos, cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce glucose neutralize stomach acid, strengthens bones and prevent colon cancer. There is only one but for this food: gas, but would not be human without them.

Honey: From prehistory to the human collect honey to eat and help some dolencias. La Honey is a rich sweet nectar nutrient minerals and vitamins.


Provides energy without excess fat, relieves sleep, cough, sore throat, inhibits tumor growth and helps relieve colitis. It also helps wounds and skin burns.

Remember that honey is very beneficial but not the can give a child under one year of age, for various stomach and allergic problems it may cause.

Blueberries: These fine and delicious bluish and purple fruits are used in the past as makeup and dye clothes. Today is a gourmet fruit used in sophisticated desserts and drinks.


Cranberry juice is antibacterial, helps the stomach, bladder and protects the eye and the development of cancer because it contains ellagic acid.

This fruit is used in the diets of women who want to lose weight because it helps remove belly fat, and involved in the storage and fat burning. Delicious, helps aesthetics and is healthy, no you can not eat it.

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