Warning signs of a possible heart attack

Symptoms that warn a possible heart attack are:

Chest discomfort: This is the most common symptoms and comes in several different forms. Some people feel chest tightness, while others feel burning or pinches. These feelings may occur during physical activity or while at rest. Best thing to do is contact a doctor immediately if you feel any sensation Strange Chest.

It is important to note that you might be having a heart attack without feeling chest discomfort, as is common in women.

Feeling tired: A sudden feeling of tiredness No reason could be a sign that a heart attack is underway. The heart has to work harder when arteries begin to close, and can make Deplete Sitting Simple Tasks. This can result in more sleep at night or feel you need to take multiple naps during the day.

Long duration of cold symptoms: Have cold symptoms do not seem Disappear Could Be A Sign Of Heart Failure. As the Heart Fight to supply the body with blood, the blood can seep back into the lungs. Pay attention to the Mucus White or Pink With Cough, which could be a byproduct of blood leakage.

Swelling: As the heart struggles to pump blood to the body, the veins can begin to swell causing distention Effect. The Main Points of inflammation are the feet, ankles and legs, as they are farther from the heart. It also is possible to observe Peripheral cyanosis, which is a blue tint Seen On Lips or limbs.

Dizziness: As Blood Circulation It borders a weakened heart, the brain may not be getting the amount of oxygen it needs. You may feel constantly Dizzy, and this is an important point of concern and should seek medical attention immediately.

Short of breath: Other Sign Important Of A Heart Attack Is Imminent breathlessness. The heart and lungs work in unison, just as the heart starts to malfunction, the lungs do not receive the oxygen they need. This causes shortness of breath and needs to be treated immediately.

These symptoms can occur up to a month in advance so it is important to be aware of them at all times. If you feel any or a combination of these symptoms, please seek medical attention quickly. Take charge of your health and protects best you can.


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