White rice is good for your health?

It is estimated that rice is grown on this land for more than eight millennia. Today, half the world’s population depends on the grain to survive, according to the National Rice Research Institute. There are about 40,000 varieties, but today we will focus only on white rice, Is this good for your health?

Heat load

Heat load

A cup of white rice contains about 205 calories, about the same as the equivalent amount of brown rice (216 calories). Most of this heat load comes from its carbohydrate, a cup provides about 44 grams !, and a second of their proteins (4 grams).

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals

For being such a refined variety, white rice has fewer vitamins and minerals than brown rice (except iron). Thus, this latter type of rice have high levels of phosphorus and magnesium (essential nutrients to strengthen the skeletal system), and selenium and manganese (two very powerful antioxidants).

Health Risks

Health risks

White rice has a higher than brown rice glycemic index; this means that breaks down into glucose much faster than brown rice. And this effect increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to Harvard University.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, white rice is less nutritious and triggers more health risks than brown rice. So try to replace the former by the latter. And when you have a craving for white rice, parboiled chooses, it takes longer to cook, but retains more nutrients.

5 reasons to eat BROWN RICE


It is much more than a matter of color: Brown rice is incredibly more nutritious than white. So it’s just a matter of learning a little more about this variety of rice to incorporate into our diet. Today we started in this process; these are the reasons why you should prefer brown rice.

1 Healthy Body

Healthy Body

For starters, brown rice is rich in selenium. This is a chemical element that our body needs to produce antioxidant enzymes, which are a class of proteins vital to preventing cell damage. For this reason, brown rice is particularly recommended to decrease the risk of developing cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

2 Nervous Welfare

Nervous Welfare

To give you an idea: a cup of brown rice provides 80% of the daily recommended amount of daily manganese. This mineral plays a key role in the synthesis of fats and is also beneficial for strengthening the health of the nervous and reproductive systems.

3 Good silhouette

Good silhouette

Brown rice is a great source of fiber. Therefore, intake aids digestion and promotes good bowel function. In addition, fiber has the potential to satisfy the appetite for longer. This quality prevents load up our body with empty calories and helps us maintain a healthy weight.

4 A heart full

A heart full

Not being as refined as white rice, brown is considered a “whole grain”. This makes it a perfect food alternative to avoid arterial blockage, avoid bad cholesterol and prevent heart all kinds of afflictions.

5 Eternal Youth

Eternal Youth

Not all creams world together will be so beneficial for our skin as brown rice. And, this rice is a bomb of antioxidants! This means that it represents a great partner not only to scare away the wrinkles, but also to moderate the body aging in general.


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